To mark 20 years of research and practice at the East Devon Consultancy, a list of factors are outlined below that many people may not be aware of that may affect the health of them or their families now, or in the future.  To be aware of this research will (although not guaranteed) possibly lead to fewer visits to your doctor, and a (possibly) longer, healthier life…..?


April 04


¨     Recurrent health problems can imply Food Intolerances and should be investigated before embarking on long term drug therapy (Although, always have a check up with your doctor to rule out any serious conditions). Hidden reactions to what you eat or drink can cause a WIDE range of common problems in many susceptible people.


¨     Mercury is the most poisonous non radioactive metal on the planet – its action is that of a slow neurotoxin.  Dentists have a licence to place this metal in your mouth, and have been doing so since Victorian times.  These amalgam fillings are comprised of approx 50% Mercury, along with smaller amounts of Copper, Silver, Tin and Zinc.

Some people can have anywhere up to 10 grams of this in their mouth. Dentists have been taught that no Mercury is released from these fillings once placed. This is untrue. Up to 120 mcg can be lost from an average of 8 fillings per day. This is absorbed by the body over many years and has an affinity for brain and nervous tissue. Government guidelines recently warn that high levels of mercury in some fish can pose a hazard for children and for women who are pregnant or nursing, possibly leading to neurological problems in the foetus or child. Not long ago, they encouraged free dental (amalgam) treatment for pregnant women.  Alternative fillings are not available on the NHS.  At least, don’t let amalgam into your children’s mouths.

Mercury can also be found as a preservative in vaccines as thimerasol or other names – insist on a Mercury-free product


¨     Gold crowns or caps that are placed in the same mouth as amalgam are a bad combination for some people. Electro-Chemical reactions occur between these 2 metals (depending on their proximity) and while increasing the leaching of Mercury from amalgam, also cause small electrical currents (milli amps) which may affect one or more of the 3 acupuncture meridians that pass through the jaws and can cause unexplained pain or problems in distant parts of the body.

Anyone who develops a problem after the placement of gold in the mouth, should seriously suspect this as a cause. Many thousands of people are having to take strong drugs to attempt to counteract these unexplained effects – just because of an Electro-Chemical reaction going on in their mouth sanctioned by your dentist, who know of the problem – but only consider it as a cause if gold and amalgam are in “close” proximity to one another. Take a look around you and see if the people with much metal in their mouth are always well.


¨     Caution is advised if anyone wishes to replace their Mercury fillings with plastic composite or ceramic.  1/ High speed drilling out of amalgam will result in increased body exposure of Mercury – maybe removing one filling every 3-6 months would be prudent for persons in no hurry.  2/ The more drilling a tooth receives will further weaken it. 3/ Composite fillings need to be placed by a dentist who has many years experience in working with this, as good technique is important to seal around the tooth to prevent leakage and possible infections which may lead to abscesses. Deep fillings will need to be light-cured in layers. 4/ Points 2 & 3 will determine if the tooth will become sensitive or troublesome.

This does not preclude that this procedure should not happen, but that there may be trouble if proper procedures are not considered.


¨     The procedure of placing a Root Canal is another contentious issue – where the nerve is drilled out and filled to the root of the tooth because of an abscess or sensitivity. Research started in the 1920’s has proved that keeping a dead tooth in the mouth can act as a source of Focal Infection and negatively affect distant parts of the body for some people. Because the dead tooth has lost its blood supply, the microscopic tubules in each tooth become a source of necrotic anaerobic bacteria which leak into the jaw, surrounding tissues, blood supply or brain. No one wants a tooth pulled because of a tenuous theory, although it has been reported many times that on removal of Root Filled Teeth, pain, discomfort or disease have suddenly cleared up.  This information is presented to help you make decisions and is not guaranteed to help – it is a very emotive subject which your dentist may not wish to know about.  But if you have a serious illness, it is certainly an avenue to pursue.  Dental Implants are also suspect.

Root Canal Cover Up” by George Meinig.   


¨     X Ray Mammography has been proved to be ineffective and possibly harmful in the compression of breast tissue. Insist on an Ultrasound Examination.


¨     Exposure to Invisible Electro Magnetic Fields can cause harm over a long period of time. This “pollution” alternates between positive and negative at a frequency of 50 times a second. As your brain has an electrical basis, long term close proximity exposure can be harmful – for example a mains radio alarm clock by the bed, or overhead power lines.  Similarly, mobile phones emit microwave radiation – always use a hands-free kit if talking for a long time.


¨     Side Effects from common prescription drugs should always be considered when a person is unwell. The American Medical Association claim that prescription drugs kill 100,000 people in the US every year. This means that many, many times that number are made more unwell by them. However, drugs are necessary in many cases, but not to the extent that pharmaceutical companies would like you to believe. It is a multi-billion dollar industry which is very “powerful”.


¨     The action of sunlight on the skin is essential for the production of Vitamin D.  Skin cancer scares have reduced this activity. UV rays act on good fats in the skin to produce this vital vitamin. It is the ingestion of the wrong type of hydrogenated fats that cause problems.  Sunbathing should be done gradually though, and not to excess.           

¨     CardioVascular problems are the biggest killer and responsible for many premature deaths. You are gambling if you leave it until something bad happens before taking steps to reverse it. CV problems include heart attack and strokes – both of which can be totally debilitating (or fatal).  These are caused by damage to your blood vessels. Cholesterol has been implicated as the cause, but your body NEEDS cholesterol – it also NEEDS fat and salt.  Low fat and low salt diets are OK for a short period of time, but in the long run will cause deficiencies and physical and mental ill-health.

My current understanding is that one of the main contributor is not cholesterol, but TRANS-fatty acids as in “Hydrogenated” vegetable oil.  It has been suggested that damage occurs to the interior blood vessel linings through these fats, lack of antioxidant vitamins, A, C and E, and possibly irritants in the blood caused by chemical and FOOD Intolerance. Once this damage occurs, minerals and fatty deposits are attracted to the site to protect it from further damage. Also see below - Insulin Resistance.

Long term damage to blood vessels will thicken this coating and restrict blood flow.  When parts of this coating becomes dislodged and travels to the heart or brain that serious problems occur, in addition to the possible restriction to blood flow.

From the ages of 40-50, you ought to have checkups every 3-5 years to see where you are heading on this score so that you can take action to prevent it becoming your premature cause of death. Your doctor can arrange blood tests, but check out and compare the suggestions found at for a comprehensive breakdown of what you should know and expect from YOUR blood test.  Another essential test is to check the furring of your carotid arteries (in your neck) either by ultrasound (NHS), or by Electron Beam Computer Tomography which is state-of-the-art 3D imaging of the inside of your body, currently at the European Scanning Centre in London –  Both methods are quick and non invasive but would have to be privately paid for.  The latter has the advantage of also checking the insides of arteries around the heart for calcium deposits, along with a host of other internal scans to confirm the presence of any other bodily abnormality that cannot be seen from the outside before it gets too serious. One word of warning would be that this technique uses a higher amount of Radiation to achieve its goals. Read up about it first.


¨     Dentists will not treat anyone with a heart problem unless antibiotics are administered before treatment – especially cleaning. This procedure dislodges bacteria around the teeth and under the gum line which could travel to weak areas of the heart. This is further proof of a link between teeth and ill health – it is advised to have a scale and polish every 6 months to prevent bacteria and their toxins from accumulating and adhere to elements of dental hygiene.


¨     High cholesterol levels can also be caused by an under active thyroid or diabetic tendencies. Unfortunately, conventional thyroid tests are suspected not to be sensitive enough to detect abnormalities and results often come back normal.  The active thyroid hormone T3 is also responsible for many other bodily processes.

If high cholesterol is found, either a low fat diet or Statin drugs are prescribed. The latter may be necessary in serious cases, but they also stop your body absorbing fat soluble vitamins and have bad side-effects. People’s cholesterol have reduced by going on the high meat and fat Atkins diet – so there is proof that much more research is needed (and has already been done – but not by the pharmaceutical companies …).  While Atkins is a bit too radical, I think it proves that reducing carbohydrates (which turn to sugar in the blood) can have a beneficial effect on some blood test results. Insulin Resistance is also a silent killer where the cells do not respond to insulin and blood sugar rises. Excess production of Insulin will also damage blood vessels leading to Cardiovascular Disease.


¨     Adrenal Fatigue is also a commonly overlooked occurrence and is implicated in many problems. The adrenals produce 3

hormones – the main one being Cortisol which is responsible for the body's defences against stress (injury, infection, fatigue),

reducing inflammation and extracting energy from food. Many people who have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, or other autoimmune disorders, or from chronic allergic disorders such as hay fever or asthma, or from unexplained chronic fatigue, as well as from infertility or other less severe disorders, have found that small, safe replacement dosages of cortisol have been beneficial.

 Safe Uses of Cortisol” by Dr William Jefferies.


¨     High Blood Pressure is a silent killer and it is wise to get a device to keep at home and check from time to time. One problem with getting your doctor to check it is that your BP can artificially go up when in the surgery – known as White Coat Syndrome. This will give a high false reading and necessitate you to be on BP drugs for the rest of your life and the possibility of suffering many side-effects from them. BP goes up and down normally during the day, and should not be based just on one reading. Pharmaceutical companies have recently introduced a new condition called “pre-hypertension” where the reading is high normal or borderline and wish to introduce a line of drugs to treat this – you can draw your own conclusions from that one….


¨     Water is an essential nutrient – it comprises 70% of your body, and very few people replace this during the day. Many problems are aggravated by mild dehydration and can be helped by the inexpensive drinking of 2-3 pints of spring or mineral water during the day. Small amounts of unbleached, unrefined sea salt also improves the way your body uses water. 

The Body’s Many Cries for Water” by


The above is presented to outline that there are things in life that could be implemented or avoided to negate the need for suffering, but should not be construed to be Medical Advice.  This is not a panacea for all problems, but a statement that you can dictate the way your life is heading by being proactive in what treatment you receive and the food and drink you consume.


Chronic and recurrent health problems are a speciality and further advice and consultations can be obtained from Michael Williams on 0800 09 20 419 or email


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